Who Are We | Southern Junky

 Southern Junky is an online apparel store based in North Carolina created by two brothers, Wyatt (15) and Dylan (13), who wanted to celebrate their outdoor lifestyle.

This unstoppable team of brothers has always been into hunting, fishing and outdoor sports. They decided to create a shirt brand that speaks to their personality and the personalities of dynamic people everwhere. The Southern Junky brand is growing with new creations inspired in a variety of themes that range from country to fishing to hunting. Join us in the Southern Junky movement!

 Our Mission

Southern Junky is on a mission to celebrate the dynamic and adventurous spirit of outdoors with cool shirts, countless designs to choose from and a great customer service.

Locally owned and operated, this brand is the result of a team of brothers who work in unison to grow their brand with exciting additions featuring new designs, creative styles and new fonts carefully handpicked by these young entrepreneurs.

 Our Vision

Designed to blend high quality, cool designs and a smooth shopping experience from the moment you order to the second your favorite shirt arrives to your doorstep, this local business was created to celebrate and express an active lifestyle.

In the future, Southern Junky will continue to grow and remain on top of the latest trends, but the commitment to quality and creating cool shirts with personality will remain as focused and determined as when Wyatt and Dylan first started.